Jeff Lynne sits in (by The Twiggenburys)

… And from the same party, we also showed our Beatles love with a command performance of the ending medley from Abbey Road, side 2

If you just couldn’t get enough Twiggenburys, we did an encore performance of “Stonehenge” at our private party on 11-11-11… With a slightly cheesy twist from the deli tray.

The Twiggenburys cover Spinal Tap’s “Stonehenge” in celebration of National Nigel Tufnel (of Spinal Tap) day.

The official Twiggenburys page launch

How appropriate. Our first gig was April 1st, 2010. Our official Tumblr page launches on 11-11-11, officially declared National Nigel Tufnel (of Spinal Tap) day.

We are getting together at Stig’s flat tonight to celebrate, but we got a jump-start on the fun last Friday at The Pub, Lexington, when we covered some Tap tunes. Here’s our cover of Stonehenge to help you rock out.